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2010 Portland VA Medical Center Allegations of Unauthorized Wait Lists

On August 17th, 2010. The VA Office of the Inspector General issued a report based upon the following:

Senior Officials in VISN 20 Instructed Employees To
Use Unauthorized Wait Lists To Hide Access and
Scheduling Problems.

On March 1, 2010, the OIG received the following anonymous allegation:
Employees at the Portland VA Medical Center are being
instructed by VISN 20 Network Director and Deputy Network
Director to use paper wait lists to hide the access problems.
Eye Clinic alone has over 3,500 patients waiting more than
30 days.

But the report clearly states

OIG has reported problems since 2005 with
schedulers not following established
procedures for making or recording medical
appointments. This practice has resulted in
data integrity weaknesses that impacted the
reliability of patient waiting times and
facility waiting lists.

The Portland VA Medical Center and VISN 20 informed the OIG that they use Electronic Wait Lists.

Report Concluded They Could Not Substantiate the Claim.

Read Report HERE

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