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Three Events Which Happened Before #Benghazi Attack – Need Answers

Many know about the lax security in Benghazi and the Obama Administration’s Ludicrous Story about a YouTube Video causing Protests. Three other events took place in the days before and the morning of the Benghazi attack which we have no answers for.

  1. On Sept 4th 2012,  Egyptian General Intelligence Service warned that a radical jihadi group is planning to launch terrorist attacks against the US and Israeli embassies in Cairo in a TOP SECRET document.  Was this warning sent to the US Embassy in Cairo or any other US Agencies? If so Who received this warning? Was this warning disseminated?

  2. On Sept 10th, a cable was sent from Washington D.C. to US Embassy Cairo warning of violence stemming from the airing of an Anti-Muslim YouTube video.  The cable was not sent to any other posts in the region to include Benghazi. Who sent the cable? Why was the cable not sent to US Embassy in Tripoli Libya?

  3. On the morning of Sept. 11th at 0453 AM EST, an article appeared in the Egypt Independent about the Sept 4th Egypt Intelligence Memo warning about Terror attacks on the US and Israeli Embassies in Cairo. Did anyone in any US Agency see this article? If so who? Was it passed on to anyone?

    Intelligence warns of attacks against US and Israeli embassies   Egypt Independent

Someone in the Media needs to follow-up on these three events.  These are the REAL answers needed.


Term Limits: Senate – George Mason, Virginia Ratifying Convention

George Mason, Virginia Ratifying Convention

16 June 1788Papers 3: 1079

The senators are chosen for six years. They are not recallable for those six years, and are re-eligible at the end of the six years. It stands on a very different ground from the confederation. By that system they were only elected for one year, might be recalled, and were incapable of reelection. But in the new constitution, instead of being elected for one, they are chosen for six years. They cannot be recalled in all that time for any misconduct, and at the end of that long term may again be elected. What will be the operation of this? Is it not probable, that those gentlemen who will be elected senators will fix themselves in the federal town, and become citizens of that town more than of our state? They will purchase a good seat in or near the town, and become inhabitants of that place. Will it not be then in the power of the senate to worry the house of representatives into any thing? They will be a continually existing body. They will exercise those machinations and contrivances, which the many have always to fear from the few. The house of representatives is the only check on the senate, with their enormous powers. But by that clause you give them the power of worrying the house of representatives into a compliance with any measure. The senators living at the spot will feel no inconvenience from long sessions, as they will vote themselves handsome pay, without incurring any additional expences. Your representatives are on a different ground, from their shorter continuance in office. The gentlemen from Georgia are six or seven hundred miles from home, and wish to go home. The senate taking advantage of this, by stopping the other house from adjourning, may worry them into any thing. These are my doubts, and I think the provision not consistent with the usual parliamentary modes.

The Papers of George Mason, 1725–1792. Edited by Robert A. Rutland. 3 vols. Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1970.

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